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Ridiculousness. I love how nowadays companies are announcing lawsuits in press releases before they actually file the lawsuits a.k.a. ‘publicity.’

"Samsung plans to add Apple’s iPhone 5 to US patent infringement suit" by Appleinsider

It seems like everyone is in a patent war lately.  Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. Google, Apple vs. HTC, Google vs Oracle, Yahoo vs Facebook, etc… While I commend Twitter for announcing their patent agreement policy against patent trolling, this move will not stop large corporates from relying on the legal system to stop a close competitor.  It seems like it’s all about who has the biggest bank account and the best lawyers in their ring.  I’m amazed that patent trolling is legal and an accepted practice.  It discourages start-ups from developing a blockbuster product because as soon as they hit big, their ideas and creations will be subject to patent suits from larger competitors.  Set aside these ridiculous lawsuit and go back to creating excellent products.  It’s nice to see that Apple and Samsung are agreeing to settlement talks… at least for now.